The Future of Worker's Power

Wobbly is a social chat app, for worker's self-organisation. There are lots of chat options out there, but none are designed specifically with workplace organisation in mind. Adapting generic apps to that task takes up an organiser's time that is better talking to workers and figuring out what they want to achieve. And once they have picked a set of apps, if a new organiser comes in, they have to make those same choices again. This acts as a constant drag on any worker's movement.

So, the first thing that Wobbly aims to achieve is to eliminate the thankless task of setting up software to be ready for worker's groups. After that, we want to work with the people who've chosen to use our app to find new features that could exponentially grow their capabilities. Things like integrated scripts for talking to fellow workers, public mapping for flying pickets, temporary action groups that expire after a certain time period or goal is achieved, invitation trees where you can see who invited who to check how your group might have been infiltrated etc.

This app isn't designed to replace face-to-face workplace organising: it's intended to augment it.

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